Fake protests downtown and on streets of Giza, Freedom and Justice Party Website, 30th June 2013

013-06-30 15:32:34
كتبه : رضا عبد الودود

في محاولة لإقناع المواطنين بالنزول إلى الشوارع  للمشاركة في التظاهرات، تجول عدد من السيارات المتفرقة في بعض شوارع وسط البلد وبعض شوارع الجيزة سيارات معلق عليها ميكروفونات تردد تسجيلات لمظاهرات، وسط استياء من أصحاب المحال والمنازل، لما تسببه من ضوضاء كبيرة.

حيث أبدى عدد من المواطنين على المقاهي غضبهم واندهاشهم من تلك المحاولة لتهييج الشارع، وإيهام المواطن الذي آثر الالتزام في بيته وسط ما نراه على شاشات التلفزيون من مشاهد عنف- ايهامه- بوصول المظاهرات إلى شارعه وبيته.



Fake protests downtown and on streets of Giza

2013-06-30 15:32:34

Author: Rada Abd al-Wadud

In the attempt to persuade citizens to descend to the street to participate in protests, a number of dispersed cars roam in a few of the streets in the city centre and Giza. On them are microphones that blast recordings of protests and resentment from shop and home owners making a loud noise.

 As shown, a number of citizens in coffee-houses expressed their anger and surprised at those whom were trying to excite the street and delude the citizens, that prefer to commit to their houses amidst scenes of violence that we see on television screens – convince them – that protests had arrived at his street and his house –


An example of old-style modern day propaganda – I’m a fan of the photo they used, a picture of Talat Harb street which conveys the tone of a big city US cop – literally “nothing to see here folks

 The translation is a little rushed, but grasps the effect the piece wants to convey

Translated by Robert Forster

Article available at Freedom and Justice Party Website.


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